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A few weeks ago, I got the supreme pleasure of photographing a family friend’s 10 month old. She wanted to document his cuteness for his 10 month old photos and I felt honored she asked. Most of our family and friends know me for my action shots of our high school Lady Owls soccer team that occasionally show up in the local newspaper. I’ve always wanted to dip into stills and I’ve practiced plenty of times with my daughter. I’ve just never done them for anyone else. My mind always drifted to, “What if she doesn’t like them?” I was so worried. I scoured Pinterest day after day for ideas since I knew we would be shooting at a horse farm. I wanted the best possible poses or scenes.

Needless to say, even though I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs the day of the shoot, little Jase was a natural. In nothing but his blue jeans and cap, he rocked it! We only had a couple of props and just let the backdrop be the farm. There was a John Deere wagon, his camo hat, an old wooden child’s rocking chair (my daughter’s first birthday present that I kept), and of course his daddy’s work boots. The day was a bit hot but luckily I had my sweet daughter helping out and keeping the little fella under an umbrella for most of the shoot.

I found with littles, you just have to go with it. It’s a be in the moment type of shooting. My favorite capture is the one above. As we were winding down, we pulled him in the wagon straight to the horse stalls. He looked at me and this was the result! I am so pleased with all of the photos. There were so very many! I did give a sneak peek on FB to his family and they seem to love them, just as much as I do. I can’t wait to do his 1 year pictures. He has such personality!

My next task is a bit more daunting. I offered my services to another family friend for her sister’s maternity photos. This is another challenge and I was very up front that I’ve never done that type of session but if they would allow me to try, I’d keep my price super low. I want to dive deeper and am currently reviewing Pinterest for ideas on poses and really get a feel for what type of scene they are striving for. I know my pictures might not be great, but all photographers start somewhere right?

Here’s just one more that I’m in love with.

Jase Cooper 182_edited-2



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Creating My First Printable

Creating My first printable

This week I attempted to create my first printable. And it turned out quite okay and really wasn’t very hard! I did research tirelessly online for several months for ideas and steps. There are too many to count. I believe I overloaded my personal Pinterest with pin after pin. Once I completed my research, I decided to give it a whirl. I decided on a shopping list printable, easy enough right? It should be super simple to throw out some boxes, lines, shapes, pictures, give it a title then BOOM….done. Boy was I wrong. You really have to think about what pictures or graphics you want to use and getting those lines straight sometimes can feel impossible. But the trick is to take your time and layout or sketch out your idea onto paper first. To tell you the truth, I wish that I would have started with that. It would have made it so much easier. So, let’s get into how I created my first shopping list printable. Continue reading “Creating My First Printable”


Back Into The Swing of It


This morning after weeks of not being able to workout, I hit the gym. Now it was only to walk a mile on the treadmill, stretch and lift about 5 lb weights mind you. At least it was something….right? I had been neglecting myself for a bit and once I got sick, it was over; no working out for me. I love to run and lift weights so the whole resting and not working out mess was really starting to get to me. I’m a body in motion! Continue reading “Back Into The Swing of It”


Chicktime Challenges


As I sit here thinking about today’s event, I feel somewhat despondent. Chicktime Carthage has six months of events under it’s belt, yet is still within it’s infancy. Many times I have often wondered if I made the right choice to bring a chapter to my hometown. I’ve struggled internally with being a chapter leader. Sometimes I feel as if I am not fit or capable to lead. Who am I to do this? What can I bring to the table that I’ve not already brought? I guess the main frustration is attendance. I look around at all these other chapters that are thriving and have great attendance and monthly leaders every month, whilst we struggle to have at least 5 people show up and yet no one wants to lead. So it falls on myself and my co-leader. You see typically Chicktime chapters have a residential population. One where the women get to interact with the people they are helping and by doing activities with them. They not only help those people grow, they help themselves to grow as individuals working as the hands and feet of Christ. I chose a charity partner that does not have a residential population. Their clients are confidential. The few ladies that do come when time allows, have never met some of the center’s clients as I have so they don’t truly understand who they are helping and why. They’ve not seen the brokenness, despair, and sometimes shame on their faces. It can be heartbreaking sometimes. But those moments when you see the appreciation and hope shine through,  makes it all worth it.  Continue reading “Chicktime Challenges”


Live Your Best Life

If you’re anything like me, you’ve taken your health and your life for granted. I’ve always strived to be the best version of myself but sometimes I forget and I fall short. I work long hours, rarely ever say no, and take care of everyone and everything except myself. Which let me say, was very stupid of me. Yes, STUPID! I forgot to take care of the most important person; me.  Continue reading “Live Your Best Life”


New Beginnings 

As I sit here in the early morning on the front steps with my coffee, the company of my dogs and the sound of Spring all around me, I think about new beginnings. I’m not sure why but today I just want to reflect. Maybe it’s that Spring is here and everything begins to grow again after the harsh winter. Harsh winter you say? I know we didn’t truly have one so just humor me. We all know Tennessee weather is super unpredictable. Springtime brings rain and sunshine; rain brings cleanliness and the sunshine brings warmth. Then warmth and cleanliness brings growth and change. A chance for rebirth and to begin again. The flowers start to bloom, the creeks start to trickle, grass starts to grow, and birds start to sing. My favorite though are the Bradford Pears. Their beauty only lasts for a short time but when they bloom, their white buds signal to me that the time to begin again, to start fresh is now.  Continue reading “New Beginnings “


New Year, New You

Today marks the end of 2016 and tomorrow is a new beginning as we launch into 2017. It’s the time for the relaunch of big dreams, new year’s resolutions, fad diets, and life changes. Every year it’s always the same…I’m gonna lose those last 10 pounds this time, I’m gonna do new things I’ve never done before, I’m gonna vow to be a better person, or I’m making big changes this year. We all do it and you know…that’s OK. It’s just fine to make plans in the new year for life changes and goals. The trick is sticking to those ‘resolutions’ and continue with the follow through. Something I have always lacked is the follow through. I’m great at setting goals and laying out plans. I seriously suck at sticking to it though. This year, that’s going to change. Continue reading “New Year, New You”


If You Build It….

You know, it’s true what they say. If you build it, they will come. Yesterday I had the supreme pleasure of hosting Chicktime Carthage’s Welcome Luncheon. Even though only 8 people showed up, it was enough. I was truly blessed and so was Chicktime. The ladies that came gave a donation for a shirt and some even got two! How wonderful is that? Here I was worried that no one would show up at all! They came with smiling faces and open hearts. Some even spoke about personal stories, to which I am forever grateful. There was a rawness to the emotion that was shared. Continue reading “If You Build It….”


Too Much Too Soon

I am stressing today…like stressing big time. I have this luncheon planned for Saturday and it’s killing me that I’ve not gotten any RSVPs. NONE! I need those because I’m having food. I don’t want to cook too much and I don’t want to have too little. It’s irritating. I think I have 3-4 people that I KNOW will be in attendance so it’s not like there won’t be anyone there. I know that I can be quite neurotic on any given day. I guess I am sounding a little dramatic and I know that these things usually take flight by word of mouth. But can’t I at least just get one RSVP? Just one teensy tiny one. It would be like earning a badge of honor. I could say…”See here?! I told you they would come.” Continue reading “Too Much Too Soon”


Loving In Spite Of Anger


Sometimes, my mouth and ego gets in the way. You ever feel that way? Today I said some things that hurt someone I love. I’m not trying to justify lashing out at someone just because you’re hurt but dang man! You mean I can’t have an opinion and feelings about a certain way their acting or voice those feelings without them going into defense mode?Yeah I probably could have been way more tactful about it and  it may have come off sounding as if I was judging them, but I wasn’t. I wanted them to see that there is more to life than what’s in the past. They are capable of so much more. Continue reading “Loving In Spite Of Anger”