A Little About Me

Hello, it’s so nice to meet you! My name is Renee and I’m a doer of all the things! First of all I work as a full-time Associate Project Manager for a software company, but I have a few side hustles that I hope to eventually let me retire from my 9-5. Currently I have a small beans photography gig, dabble in graphic design, share my value and my nonsense on this blog, and freelance consulting with nonprofits. Not to mention I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant and an online fitness, health, and wellness coach.

As a photographer,  I’ve taken some great shots of people, still life, landscape, and action-packed sports. I love taking pictures and seeing my clients’ faces as they lay eyes on the images I produce for them. What a feeling that is! Since I love taking pictures so much, I’d love to take YOU’RE picture!  I am also working on some free download checklists that you as a client can download to help you in scheduling that photo session with your chosen photographer. There are so many options and sometimes our clients have a serious case of overwhelm in trying to make a decision on the smallest thing such as outfit color choices. For my fellow photogs, there’s going to something special for you as well; coming soon.

I’m also self-taught in graphic design. There is just something about creating a stunning graphic from beginning to end and sharing with the world what you’ve deemed in your heart as a true work of art, even if it’s not that great. I’m still learning so whatevs. It’s the best mix of my love for photography and writing. I’ve created tons of graphics and will be sharing them with you here on this blog. I promise, you are going to LOVE them and some you will even get for free.

I freelance as a consultant as well. I help nonprofits plan fundraisers, coordinate volunteer events, and even assist with advertisement and social media strategizing. This isn’t a paid gig. I consider it more volunteer work but it’s still work!

Lastly, I kicked off my online health and wellness coaching business. Even though the market is highly saturated with health coaches from all niches, mine is more of a personal one. Most women talk about making healthier choices, joining challenge after challenge, starting a different diet every week, but they get so overloaded with information and how-tos they don’t know where to start. So, they just give up. I am the woman that can help you sift through the noise and build a toolbox catered just for you. If you want to know more take a stroll over to my Health Coaching tab. You’ll be able to see what it is I actually do, how I can help you, and some other really cool stuff!

On a more personal note: I’m a mom to a wonderful daughter and wife to my soulmate, Chris. I work full time as an associate project manager for a software company with a super long commute, for the past 3 years I’ve moonlighted as a sports writer for the local paper, and was considered the high school girl’s soccer team photographer. I’m busy more often than not and sometimes feel like I can’t keep up with family and friends. Sorry, you know I love you all!

Some of my favorite things are changing the lives of the women I help, volunteering at various charities, people watching, reading with a little writing, and TV binge-watching.  I have a serious problem with that and love hate relationship I have big dreams that I am finally seeing put into action. I praise God every day for my endless blessings and using my avenues of business and gifts as a way to share His love, mercy, and grace with the people I touch. Running, coloring, and meditation are my therapy.


Much love,


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