Miles of Corn & History

As I drove down interstate 35, vast fields of corn and soybean cover the earth like blankets surrounding me. Large farmhouses, tall silos, and old windmills dotted here and there makes for a peaceful and serene picture. With the early morning fog rolling across the plains, I am reminded of home. This is country life. True, gritty and plain country living. I find it picturesque. It makes me long for my camera, and my fingers itching to capture true life.

Did you know that 90% of Iowa’s land is dedicated to farming? Mostly known for their mass production of corn, they also rank high with producing soybeans and raising livestock. According to, hogs are Iowa’s leading source of livestock income and followed by beef cattle. This rings true from the gentleman from yesterday’s flight. He can attest to that fact. It’s quite amazing seeing the land stretch out before you and there’s nothing but corn, soybean, corn, and more soybean fields.

Interesting fact: Mt. Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa is the birthplace and hometown for Peggy Annette Whitson; the oldest woman spacewalker, and record holder for total spacewalks by a woman. As you can guess, she’s an American biochemistry researcher, NASA astronaut, and former NASA Chief Astronaut. She is currently in space right now. She became the first woman astronaut to command the International Space Station twice in 2017! Talk about amazing accomplishments.

I also realized today that the inspiration for The Bridges of Madison County is right here in Iowa! And it’s not that far from where I am staying in Osceola. Madison County is the covered bridge capital of Iowa. There were originally 19 covered bridges but only 6 remain today. The bridges are located in Winterset, IA which is about 38 miles from my current location. I might just have to visit tomorrow afternoon. A couple of other interesting facts about this area are that it’s the birthplace of John Wayne and East Peru, IA is the home of the original delicious apple tree!

Everyone that I’ve encountered today has been truly nice. Especially at the local Jamie & Coffee Mill & Deli where we had lunch. It had that old country, cracker barrel feel but on a much smaller scale. The food was phenomenal and the atmosphere was genuine. I’d definitely eat there again. Most would think Iowa as a boring state full of corn, hogs, and simpletons but that’s just simply not the case. As you can see, there is much more than meets the eye to this gem and I’d love to explore it just a little more.

are you supposed to be in iowa? then you’re not that lost.