Flying Solo Part 2

The flight to Dallas was uneventful. I sat on the aisle seat. The passenger to my left was a bit odd. He was constantly shaking his leg or tapping his fingers. I just listened to a downloaded podcast so I ended up not paying much attention. The man to my right was military. I could tell by two things; his military bag and his communication device. Yes, I was Snoopy Sallie and saw the email was typing that looked a lot like gibberish. They also said UNCLASSIFIED.  Who else uses that word, right? Anyway, I made it safely to Dallas Fort Worth without any hiccups. Thank the good Lord above. I had already scoped out the airport map prior to boarding and wanted to make sure I knew exactly where I was going. That’s the planner in me. Luckily, my arrival and departure gates were on the same terminal. Forty five minute wait and I was on the plane to Iowa, or so I thought.

We boarded as normal and somehow I ended up in the middle seat all the way in the back of the plane. Don’t ever sit there, it’s super loud and it’s hot! I figure I would just sit back and listen to another podcast until we landed. The gentleman that sat to the right of me asked me if I had been in Dallas for business and I just said it was a connecting flight. He was a talker. Nearly talked my ear off! He was apparently from Iowa but traveled all over for his job in the beef industry. He’d just flew into DFW for a wedding and to see his girlfriend but was flying home. Apparently they have more than corn in Iowa. Who knew beef was such a hot commodity and booming business.

After about thirty minutes of being in the air, the captain came on and said we had to turn around due to a medical emergency. Turns out, a woman in first class was epileptic and had gotten worse. They even called up for passengers that were medical personnel! After we got on the ground, we waited on the tarmac for the ambulance to come take her, which was a good thirty minutes. If it had been any more serious, she’d have died before they got there. While we were waiting, we had to refuel and fix the air system. Then we had to wait another hour and half for them to bring a new med kit and oxygen tank to replace what they’d sent with the ill passenger. You’d think they would keep items like that close by, but no.

Finally we started to move, and then we stopped. And we waited, and waited some more. The other passengers were getting restless and we were coming up on two hours of just sitting on the tarmac. The captain blared something about waiting for their numbers on the overhead and we couldn’t go anywhere without them. At exactly the two hour mark, we took off. I was starving since I’d only had an avocado for breakfast and two little mini bags of pretzels on the flights. Within an hour and a half I finally arrived in Des Moines, IA at 7 pm. It was another 45 minute drive to my hotel. There is literally nothing but flat land, corn fields, and pig farms for miles. I kind of wish I’d have brought my camera though because there are some potentially great shots of big farms containing silos, barns, and windmills I’d love to get.

Now I sit here typing up the last of today’s journey while eating a quick dinner from the local Walmart. I am trying to eat healthy so no McDonald’s or Taco Bell for me. I’m glad that I finally realized there really is nothing to be scared of when flying into the unknown. Because if you remember, everything you want is on the other side of fear. 🙂 Happy trails!

You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life and the procedure, the process is it’s own reward. -Amelia Earhart

photo creds: Vincent Versluis


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