Photo Fancy

A few weeks ago, I got the supreme pleasure of photographing a family friend’s 10 month old. She wanted to document his cuteness for his 10 month old photos and I felt honored she asked. Most of our family and friends know me for my action shots of our high school Lady Owls soccer team that occasionally show up in the local newspaper. I’ve always wanted to dip into stills and I’ve practiced plenty of times with my daughter. I’ve just never done them for anyone else. My mind always drifted to, “What if she doesn’t like them?” I was so worried. I scoured Pinterest day after day for ideas since I knew we would be shooting at a horse farm. I wanted the best possible poses or scenes.

Needless to say, even though I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs the day of the shoot, little Jase was a natural. In nothing but his blue jeans and cap, he rocked it! We only had a couple of props and just let the backdrop be the farm. There was a John Deere wagon, his camo hat, an old wooden child’s rocking chair (my daughter’s first birthday present that I kept), and of course his daddy’s work boots. The day was a bit hot but luckily I had my sweet daughter helping out and keeping the little fella under an umbrella for most of the shoot.

I found with littles, you just have to go with it. It’s a be in the moment type of shooting. My favorite capture is the one above. As we were winding down, we pulled him in the wagon straight to the horse stalls. He looked at me and this was the result! I am so pleased with all of the photos. There were so very many! I did give a sneak peek on FB to his family and they seem to love them, just as much as I do. I can’t wait to do his 1 year pictures. He has such personality!

My next task is a bit more daunting. I offered my services to another family friend for her sister’s maternity photos. This is another challenge and I was very up front that I’ve never done that type of session but if they would allow me to try, I’d keep my price super low. I want to dive deeper and am currently reviewing Pinterest for ideas on poses and really get a feel for what type of scene they are striving for. I know my pictures might not be great, but all photographers start somewhere right?

Here’s just one more that I’m in love with.

Jase Cooper 182_edited-2




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