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Creating My First Printable

Creating My first printable

This week I attempted to create my first printable. And it turned out quite okay and really wasn’t very hard! I did research tirelessly online for several months for ideas and steps. There are too many to count. I believe I overloaded my personal Pinterest with pin after pin. Once I completed my research, I decided to give it a whirl. I decided on a shopping list printable, easy enough right? It should be super simple to throw out some boxes, lines, shapes, pictures, give it a title then BOOM….done. Boy was I wrong. You really have to think about what pictures or graphics you want to use and getting those lines straight sometimes can feel impossible. But the trick is to take your time and layout or sketch out your idea onto paper first. To tell you the truth, I wish that I would have started with that. It would have made it so much easier. So, let’s get into how I created my first shopping list printable.

Step 1. Word is Your Friend

Open up word as a blank document, then push Enter until you reach the very bottom. Then use your arrow key to head back to the top. Next, you want to set your margins. Go to Page Layout and choose the margin you want. I like the Narrow option so with this first printable I used 1/2″ .

Step 2. Add a Background

I chose to use a simple background for my printable. A good place to get background images of any type is Design . I signed up and they always have tons of freebies! You can download them to your computer and save for a later date. I chose the recent Free Watercolor Bundle which included the Kitchen Collection. I used the coffee cup picture and then copied it over and over to make it a background.

Word 9

Step 3. Let’s Draw!

Next item is to add some fun shapes to your printable. You’ll want to go to the top and choose Insert, then choose Shapes. There are a plethora of shapes and designs you can use  here. Simply choose which one you want and then add it. Word

Let’s add to our shape. You will need to double click on your shape and then choose the option Shape Fill, for this I chose NO FILL. Then I chose Shape Outline. This is where you can change the Color of the shape outline as well as having it as different types of Dashes or straight lines. Choose any type of dashes you want, then select Weight which chooses the thickness of your dashes. Now add a couple more and coordinate your colors using the same steps like an overlay!

Step 4. Add a Title

Now that you’ve got your shapes, let’s add a title to your printable. Choose Insert here again but this time let’s use Word Art. Choose any style you want, you can always change it later. When the box pops up, type in your title then right click and choose the font you like along with size. I liked Curlz MT. You can move your Word Art anywhere on the page.

Word 4Word 5

Step 5. Add a Box Organizer

Here you will want to do the same as the star but this time choose a rectangle shape. Then again use the Shape Fill and Shape Outline buttons to get the look you want. After you have your box, choose Insert again and this time select the Text Box option. Select Draw Text Box at the bottom and then draw your text box INSIDE of your rectangle shape.Word 6

You’ll see here that the text box has an outline. You’ll want to get rid of that as well. But go ahead and type your desired text first.

Word 7

You will want to right click and choose Outline – No Outline. This will remove the box around your text so that you only see the shape outline. Do the same with the Fill so that you can see your background image as well.

Word 10

Word 8

Step 6. Add Some Lines or a Table

Here you will want to add some lines or a table. You can do this by either using the Shapes or Table feature on the Insert. For mine I chose Shapes and just used straight lines. You can arrange your lines however you want. With Tables you can choose how many sections you want. I have an example of one below.

Step 7. Finalize Your Spacing and Make It Your Own!

You will finalize any last touch up details on your lines by changing the colors so they all work together, your spacing of the lines or tables and you can make it your own. The possibilities are ENDLESS! Below is my final product. You can download it for free and use it however you see fit! I hope you enjoy making your own printable.

Word 13

Shopping List_Printable


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