Health & Fitness, In My Own Words

Back Into The Swing of It


This morning after weeks of not being able to workout, I hit the gym. Now it was only to walk a mile on the treadmill, stretch and lift about 5 lb weights mind you. At least it was something….right? I had been neglecting myself for a bit and once I got sick, it was over; no working out for me. I love to run and lift weights so the whole resting and not working out mess was really starting to get to me. I’m a body in motion!

There is just something about lacing up those kicks, throwing earbuds in and taking off. The music blaring through my ears typically depends on the intensity of my run. If I’m going all out, I usually listen to some hardcore head-banging, bass-kicking tunes. Just an easy tempo run has me humming along to some K LOVE and top christian tracks. And if we’re talking about a leisurely walk, it’s Bach.

I felt good today, even with only three hours worth of shut-eye. I took another walk today outside during my lunch break. It was so beautiful outside and I was ITCHING to run! But I wasn’t going to get very far in sandals and dress pants. LOL! Reluctantly I just stuck with the mile walk so as not to stress my body out too much. But I am feeling it now. My lower back is achy and I am super tired. I am hoping that before the weekend I can at least jog a little. Hopefully it will be nice out and I can run in the sun! But until then, I will stick to taking it slow, just like my husband tells me to.  🙂


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