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New Beginnings 

As I sit here in the early morning on the front steps with my coffee, the company of my dogs and the sound of Spring all around me, I think about new beginnings. I’m not sure why but today I just want to reflect. Maybe it’s that Spring is here and everything begins to grow again after the harsh winter. Harsh winter you say? I know we didn’t truly have one so just humor me. We all know Tennessee weather is super unpredictable. Springtime brings rain and sunshine; rain brings cleanliness and the sunshine brings warmth. Then warmth and cleanliness brings growth and change. A chance for rebirth and to begin again. The flowers start to bloom, the creeks start to trickle, grass starts to grow, and birds start to sing. My favorite though are the Bradford Pears. Their beauty only lasts for a short time but when they bloom, their white buds signal to me that the time to begin again, to start fresh is now. 

I’m not talking about making complete life changes, but what I am saying is that it’s a time to think about where you are in life. Because our lives are mostly the same day after day, we just go through the motions, never stopping to think about how far we’ve come and really where we are headed. I like most people I know, work full time. I’m busy almost every single day of the week with no time for rest. I “try” but mostly fail at my passions of photography , blogging and being a Chicktime chapter leader. This totally sucks because it’s things I love but feel I don’t have the right amount of time for. That’s about to change though. Our daughter will be graduating from high school in a matter of weeks. We will have the summer but then a new chapter begins.  She will go away to college and it will just be Chris and I. That’s a scary thought!

Our lives have always revolved around our little who is not so little anymore. Countless soccer training, practices, and games every week, will become no more. She will be playing in college but there is no way we could make every single game. I’m a bit sad about that. I love watching her do her thing. The point I’m getting at here is that things are changing and I’m excited but also nervous. I will actually have time to finish those projects around the house, take that photography class, volunteer more, take those getaway vacays, and write those blog posts. Time won’t be spent traveling to games every weekend or practice twice a week. I will miss those times but I am slowly starting to welcome the slowing down. It’s a process and I hope it doesn’t make me sound selfish. Change and new beginnings are good things, even if they scare us a little. They help us to see that life is only for a short period of time. So don’t be afraid to change your pace so that you can take that class, read that book, go on that trip. And just like the Bradford Pears, it’s during that short period of time where our lives and changed become a thing of beauty.


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