Chicktime Carthage

If You Build It….

You know, it’s true what they say. If you build it, they will come. Yesterday I had the supreme pleasure of hosting Chicktime Carthage’s Welcome Luncheon. Even though only 8 people showed up, it was enough. I was truly blessed and so was Chicktime. The ladies that came gave a donation for a shirt and some even got two! How wonderful is that? Here I was worried that no one would show up at all! They came with smiling faces and open hearts. Some even spoke about personal stories, to which I am forever grateful. There was a rawness to the emotion that was shared.

As most know me, I am not a fan of public speaking. I get super nervous and anxious. Yesterday I admit I was nervous but there was a good energy to it. I was not just a nervous nelly, I was excited. I wanted them to take it all in as I had. I wanted them to see and feel my desire and passion for starting Chicktime Carthage. To have them feel the pure joy that comes with serving others. I talked about my own experiences and how many women don’t get those great outcomes as I did. They struggle everyday to make ends meet and most don’t have a distinguished support system in the face of their vulnerability. I think my light and love for those of the center showed through.

I am excited about our upcoming event next month. We are hosting a Community Baby Shower! We will play baby shower games, have decorations and everything we get will be donated to the baby bucks room at the center. My head is always swimming with ideas of how to promote Chicktime Carthage. Brandy (my fabulous co-leader and beautiful cousin) and I have decided to take part in a vendor booth at a Toy Drive in December. We hope that doing things like that, will promote who we are, what we do, how we serve and who we serve. We want to promote positive encouragement that this isn’t a large commitment. Just show up a couple hours once a month to have fun and enjoy time with other chicks!

After yesterday, I am determined more than ever to see this chapter succeed. I want to bring Chicktime to Carthage and all surrounding counties so that women in the other communities can feel a part of something bigger themselves. And at the same time, helping promote the services of the Pregnancy Help Center and change the lives of it’s current and future clients. Because, if you build it, they will come.  xoxox


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