Chicktime Carthage

Too Much Too Soon

I am stressing today…like stressing big time. I have this luncheon planned for Saturday and it’s killing me that I’ve not gotten any RSVPs. NONE! I need those because I’m having food. I don’t want to cook too much and I don’t want to have too little. It’s irritating. I think I have 3-4 people that I KNOW will be in attendance so it’s not like there won’t be anyone there. I know that I can be quite neurotic on any given day. I guess I am sounding a little dramatic and I know that these things usually take flight by word of mouth. But can’t I at least just get one RSVP? Just one teensy tiny one. It would be like earning a badge of honor. I could say…”See here?! I told you they would come.”

Yes, Chicktime is new to the area. I want so much for this to work out and grow into something beautiful that’s will outlast me. I know that if the women and young ladies started coming, that they would have fun and fall in love with being of service to others as well as being part of a nationwide sisterhood. Am I asking too much too soon? Maybe so. I probably should just be patient and take it as it comes. Even if it’s slowly trickles in, that’s better than none at all. Right??? I’m sure that next month will have a larger attendance. So really it’s too soon to stress out. If it’s still the same way after a couple of months, this chick will have a full on nuclear meltdown of the likes you’ve never seen before. It’s happened before…rare, but it happens.

Breathe in, breathe out and say a little prayer. That’s all I can do right now. And if only 3 people show up….then those folks will be super lucky that they got to take part in the start of something new. Building from the ground up can be hard but it can be done. Maybe if I build it, they will come.



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