First blog post

Today I started a blog. No I’m not one of those wildly successful moms who has her whole life figured out. I don’t own a fancy car or house.  I drive a beat-to-death Toyota and live in a decent home that seems to have everything break at once. I’m not super fashionable, with well manicured nails and perfectly styled hair. To be honest, all of my clothes are second hand and gave at least 2 stains on them, I bite the crap out of my nails and my hair is always a long tangled mess. I don’t have a straight A student that’s perfect. She gets Bs and Cs but also has a laid back attitude about life and has a heart of gold. I always feel as if I’m screwing up as a parent most days. And my marriage is most certainly not perfect. We’ve been through a solid 15 years of the good, the bad and the really ugly but love each other more than we love ourselves.

So who in their right mind would care about what I have to say? Will they like me? I mean I’m a nobody to the world. I can’t talk about fancy smanshy food or exotic places. I’d rather be at home eating fried chicken and mashed taters. I’m not super duper crafty but I can trace a picture like nobody’s business. I’ve got the vocabulary of a well educated sailor and sometimes my words bypass the filter between my brain and mouth. I can name a million things that I’m not. But you know what I’m good at? Listening, caring, laughing, loving and doing all the REAL stuff that matters. I’m talking about the real nitty gritty life stuff. The everyday stuff and the many hats we as moms and wives wear. The stuff that holds families and true friends together.

So then I came to the conclusion that I don’t really care if anyone reads my posts or likes what I say. I’m me and that’s that. And you know why I don’t care, cause I know I’m not alone. There are women all across the world just like me. And as they’re sitting down with a cup of coffee reading this, there are tears of joy streaming down their face as they say, “Me too!” and sighing in relief that life is not about being or looking perfect to the world, it’s about opening up and letting others see the real you, understanding that you’re a beautiful mess in a life that’s chaos more often than not. Because we’re human.


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